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About LatinFood

Latinfood has 4 years specializing on retail in the Northeast and more than 20 years of combined experience.
We have spacious installations strategically located in industrial zone near airport,
with easy access to all main highways and railroad access.
We are fully committed with our employees, our customers, and our providers!
We have inventory control system in place with FIFO control.


All Our employees receive Medical benefits, partially sponsored by Latinfood.
They all have pportunity for continued education and seminars.
401K retirement plan in place, Gym membership,
Job Security, and a good atmosphere.

Social Responsibility

We support organizations through us buying and distributing their products.
For instance, we buy and distribute beverages “Del Campo al paladar”,
which company is organized, managed and manned
exclusively by single mothers with low income.

Our Providers